About Providence Pipe supply

Providence Pipe Supply, LLC, is a company of the highest integrity. We are buyers as well as sellers and we honor our commitments at all costs. This means moving materials quickly, and honoring our financial commitments. Family owned and operated, our word and our good name is all we have.

“What keeps us going is we have the ability to find the material.”—Will Doran, Providence Pipe Supply, LLC

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We work with many industries including oil and gas, agriculture, construction, ranching, and others. We have forged business partnerships with respected companies in these industries, both domestically and internationally. Being both buyers and sellers ourselves, we do business with end-users, wholesalers, and retailers alike.

We have worked hard to build a reputation as a company that follows through in every way it promises, and our company is built to last through our diversification, resourcefulness, and dedication to the customer. We pride ourselves on sharing our expertise so customers can better understand the pipe industry, and we provide each customer with the ideal products to suit their needs.

Read our coverage in Permian Basin Oil & Gas magazine, in which Troy, Will, and Jeff discuss the West Texas pipe industry.

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